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Drakes Chimney Cleaners was first established in May 1973 by Mr Drake. In July 1976, Mr Drake incorporated A1 Chimney Cleaners into Drakes Chimney Cleaners; he continued to sweep until his retirement at the end February 2007. I joined him in the previous year to learn the trade after completing a career in the Royal Marines. I worked with and alongside him as he passed on his considerable knowledge of the trade and the local area to me. In March 2008 Russell Martin from the Purbeck area retired and I incorporated his round into Drakes Chimney Cleaners. Since Mr Drake’s retirement a lot has happen within the industry, especially with the equipment. With the introduction of power sweeping equipment, sweeping has become much more efficient therefore doing a much better sweep than traditional equipment. In May 2013, Paul, whom I had served in the Royal Marines with joined me. We pride ourselves on providing a clean, professional service and maintaining the high standard set by Mr Drake before his retirement. We look forward to your custom.

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A good chimney is essential to the continuing efficient and safe operation of all solid fuel burning heating and cooking appliances. HETAS recommends that chimney sweeping is best carried out by a HETAS Approved Chimney Sweep at least once a year.

All HETAS approved sweeps are registered members of one of three chimney sweep trade associations and have attended a HETAS training course.

About Rodtech


Rodtech is run and staffed by ex-sweeps who understand the trade and are here to advise and offer guidance to sweeps.

We know these new rods to be the best quality and the easiest to use available anywhere. So what is the difference? They are shaped so as the button is only part of the locking system. Rods if used to sweep from the bottom do not require a button on the drill. adaptor.

APICS recognises the independence of sweeps and does not interfere with day to day business but keeps them up to date with legislation.  

APICS is a Chimney Sweep Trade Association that sets standards for, and improves the knowledge and safety of chimney sweeps, thereby giving customers a better service.

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